33 Cats That Just Can't Be Bothered

What's the deal with lazy cats? Well, have you ever had one of those days when you feel like you just need a break? Whether you’ve been working too hard or dealing with too much, every now and then you just need a minute to sit around and do absolutely nothing. Here you’ll meet a group of adorable kitties who can relate. These lazy cats just can’t be bothered and they’re not afraid to admit it. Whether they’ve worn themselves out playing or just have incredibly liberal standards of what the word “exhaustion” means, their furry little eye lids can barely stay open for another minute and they certainly aren't going to be listening to anything you might have to say.

The next time you need a break, take a look at these lazy felines and live vicariously through them. These comfy cats have turned relaxation into an art form and are happy to demonstrate their skills for anyone looking for a grin. You’ll see cats who are such masters of napping that not even an earthquake could disturb their slumber. You’ll witness kittehs in various Zen-like states who refused to be distracted by anything that isn’t reclining. We’ll even show you a couple of furry little guys who have found ways to do everything from play to get a drink without every actually standing up.

So get ready to redefine relaxation with these masters of the art of doing absolutely nothing. These lazy cats have spent years refining classic kitty moves such as “laying,” “ignoring,” and “the zoned out recline,” and are ready to share their knowledge with the world.
Photo: flickr / CC0

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