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Katie Mach
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When times get tough, most of us will admit that we've cut a few corners to make life a little easier to bear. Everyone has been broke enough to make morally questionable decisions at some point in their lives, and certainly everyone has been lazy enough to do so as well. We've put together this list of life hacks created by other pieces of sh*t who want to make the world an easier, lazier place to live.

Some of these life hacks are definitely more immoral than others, but most of them will help you save time, effort, and money. We've momentarily set our own traditional values aside to help bring you these tips and tricks for sketchy, discount, and lazy living. The next time you find yourself in a jam, these piece of sh*t hacks are guaranteed to help you out of it, usually in the most questionable way possible. 

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Make the Most of a Parking Ticket

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Next time you get a parking ticket, save the envelope and keep it in your glove box. If you ever find yourself in a parking emergency and have to park illegally, you can slip it back under your windshield wiper so that the traffic cops think another officer already ticketed you.
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Search Words Like "Divorce," "Ex," and "Husband" on Craigslist

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Most of the time, bitter folks on Craigslist are trying to unload their ex's possessions after a nasty breakup or divorce. Take advantage of this and get yourself a sweet, new sofa. 
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Freshen Your Apartment on the Fly

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Did a friend just pop by unexpectedly, even though you haven't taken out the trash in weeks? Casually slip a dryer sheet into your air conditioning, or place a strong stick of deodorant over your vents. Your apartment will smell good in no time. 
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Never Pay Another Checked Baggage Fee Again

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Can't fit all your stuff into a carry-on bag tiny enough to conform to most major airlines' size restrictions? There are two easy ways to avoid having to pay a fee for checked baggage: 
1) Pretend that you don't travel often, and were unaware that you should've checked your obviously too-large carry-on bag. Usually, the airline will offer to check it for you for free at the departure gate.
2) Pack all of your stuff in a guitar case instead of a suitcase. Airlines are required to allow passengers to carry on instruments without charging additional fees.