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15 Anime Where The Protagonist Is Lazy But Super Overpowered

May 11, 2021 3.9k votes 930 voters 63.8k views15 items

The ability to do something and the desire to do it are not the same things, and the protagonists of these anime prove it. Lazy but overpowered anime protagonists have the potential to accomplish great things, but most of the time they'd rather take a nap or play video games. But whether they like it or not, many of these characters do eventually get forced into using their skills. 

In some cases, these characters have powers that are physical or magical in nature: Staz Charlie Blood of Blood Lad is an outlandishly strong vampire who could defeat just about anyone in a fight if he wanted to, but he isn't going to bother if that gets in the way of watching anime. In other cases, their strength is more intellectual: Hotarou Oreki of Hyouka could be an ace detective if he wanted to, but the only reason he bothers to solve mysteries is that Eru Chitanda is so persistent - and so cute. 

  • Gintoki Sakata is so lazy that he'd rather wet himself than get out of his comfortable bed. He's so lazy that he delivers speeches about the value of doing as little work as possible. But there's more to Gintoki than just sloth. He's also an experienced samurai will do anything to protect the people he cares about. Just don't ask him to walk the dog afterwards, because he will never stop complaining about it.

    Powerful but lazy?
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    At Koudo Ikusei Senior High School, students in the highly ranked Class A get world-class treatment, while the low-ranking Class D gets treated like dirt. Some students desperately want to improve their standing and are constantly working hard to that end. Kiyotaka Ayanokouji doesn't really care. He intentionally got the most perfectly average test score possible, landing him in the class in the first place. He wants to take the easy route, at least at first. Once he does start to care, the people around him realize that his dull persona is far from all there is to him - he's actually a straight-up genius. 

    Powerful but lazy?
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    All Kusuo Saiki wants is to live a normal, relaxing life where nothing especially complicated happens. He's happiest sitting at home watching TV and eating coffee jelly. Sadly for him, he's so terrifyingly psychic that his powers are constantly getting in the way of normalcy. Whether he's accidentally teleporting himself to a desert island in his sleep or body-swapping with a classmate, the chaos never ends for this poor guy.

    Powerful but lazy?
  • Sure, Staz Charlie Blood is the vampire ruler of the Eastern District, but why would that be important to him where there's anime to watch and video games to play? His underlings can manage his territory, and he couldn't care less about human blood - he just wants to have fun indulging in Japanese culture. Don't underestimate him, though - he'll throw down in a fight when he has to. Even if it means launching an Imitation Kamehameha to show off his love for DBZ.

    Powerful but lazy?