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20 Lazy Pokemon Designs That Weren't Even Trying

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The world of Pokemon is full of wondrous, creative creatures born of pure imagination. These are not those creatures. In fact, from a design and creatvity perspective, these are some of the worst Pokemon ever created.

These incredibly lazy Pokemon designs will have you feeling pretty great about all those doodles you made in your grade school notebook. An ice cream cone counts as a Pokemon? A set of keys? A Chandelier? We're guessing that someone at Game Freak was really hungover when they created these terrible Pokemon, because virtually no effort when into their designs.


  • Did you bring your new Pokemon design for today's deadline?

    Uh, yeah. Sure.

    Well where is it?

    *Sweats nervously.* Uh, it's right here in my pocket.

    Can I see it?

    *Panics, pulls out car keys.* Umm. Behold, Klefki!


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  • Vanillish seems awfully happy for a Pokemon who is probably often eaten alive by mistake. His best attack is probably just giving you a slightly annoying brain freeze. Come to think of it, an artist eating their ice cream too fast is almost certainly the inspiration for Vanillish.

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  • One of Klink's main attacks is something called "Gear Grind." Its very existence grinds our gears, so that is the most accurately named attack in Pokemon history. 

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  • Luvdisc
    Photo: Bulbapedia

    Luvdisc seems to be the only Pokemon inspired by duck-face Tinder selfies. Also, it is clearly not a disc, so it doesn't even live up to its incredibly shitty name.

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