Weird History

World Leaders With The Most Children

Men in power have always loved getting married or taking mistresses in order to have plenty of heirs, but who are the rulers with the most kids? Sometimes, these guys have gone a bit overboard when it comes to fathering children to carry on the family legacy and genetic heritage, fathering dozens or even hundreds of children. With all these royal babies running around, it's surprising there aren't more child rulers in history

So, which king had the most bastards? That honor probably goes to Augustus the Strong, born a German prince and elected king of Poland in 1697. He didn't like keeping it in his pants, fathering a reported 354 illegitimate children in his spare time. Other allege sex addict kings in history include Pharaoh Ramesses II, a famous ruler of ancient Egypt, who had so many wives and concubines that he spawned over 100 kids. And Moroccan sultan Ismail Ibn Sharif begat anywhere from 850 to upwards of 1000 babies. Let's learn about these lustful rulers, and their utterly overwhelming fecundity.