The Booze You Drank Before You Knew Any Better

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Any alcoholic beverage that you used to drink in your younger years because you thought it tasted good. . . but actually, yuck.

A young adult's first encounter with alcoholic beverages comes with a painful realization: alcohol doesn't taste very good. We all remember discovering our genius tricks for getting drunk on something sweet - and we all remember learning that they weren't so genius after all. Most teens drinks were actually pretty gross. From fortified wines to cream liqueurs, our collective hangovers have spoken: bad, bad idea. And now, we realize the ironic truth, that these drinks were the disgusting ones all along.

This list includes some of the biggest alcohol mistakes young people, especially underage teenagers, can make as they try to figure out drinking. Vote for the grossest drinks you'll never touch again, and add whatever we've missed! Be sure to be as specific as possible.

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  • Boones
    2,215 votes


  • MD 20/20
    3,939 votes

    MD 20/20

    The telltale signs that someone has been drinking MD 20/20: their mouths are bright blue, and they are running around, screaming, trying to find something to smash.
  • Everything You Could Find Mixed Together
    3,428 votes

    Everything You Could Find Mixed Together

    Smirnoff, peach schnapps, Mountain Dew. Perfect.
  • Smirnoff Ice
    3,928 votes

    Smirnoff Ice

    In commercials, trendy adults at music festivals drink Smirnoff Ice. In reality, teenage girls fall asleep in a bathtub after drinking Smirnoff Ice.