The Least Cool Fashions From The '80s

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The 1980s were years of wildly varying fashions. The hottest 1980s trends included both loose clothing and tight, long hair and short, and both brand name and no-name clothing. No matter the area of fashion, however, there were some definite misses, looks, and trends that have the fashion-conscious of today scratching their heads. This list contains all of the worst fashions of the 1980s, the silly '80s trends that make you say, “Why?”

Close your eyes and imagine a terrible fashion trend from the 1980s. Did you picture the mullet? We know you did. Although this hairstyle, often referred to as "business in the front, party in the back," predates the '80s, it didn’t become widely worn until that decade, when everyone from sports stars to pop stars could be seen wearing one. The fashion world regained its senses, however, leaving the mullet to be thought of as one of the worst fashions of the 1980s.

Clothing, too, was just as bad in the 1980s. Did anyone really look attractive in parachute pants or Spandex? Although a few of the hottest '80s clothing trends were inspired by celebrities, it was certainly no guarantee they’d look great on everyone, and some were impractical, as well. Madonna made fingerless lace gloves fashionable, but she couldn’t make it less absurd as an everyday garment.

This list contains the best of the worst of 1980s fashions. Most are hilarious, although a few are simply cringe-inducing. Whether you wore them or hated them, cast your votes for the ugliest, worst, least cool fashions from the 1980s.

Photo: Miami Vice / NBC