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The Most Ridiculous Album Covers In Metal History

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As the old saying goes, don't judge a metal album by its cover. When it comes to cover art, bands strive to present the coolest looking artwork they can afford. Some bands are able to make a memorable cover that will adorn T-shirts and back patches forever. Others, not so much. Of course, all cover art varies depending on the style of the music; a Ratt album cover looks far different than those of Cannibal Corpse. Regardless of the genre, no band is immune to bad cover art. From obscure acts to metal legends such as Black Sabbath and Anthrax, they have all released some real stinkers. Here are some of the most ridiculous album covers in metal history.

  • Photo: Louvarth Records

    Judging from the art of this EP, this Brazilian black metal band could have toured with Balls to the Wall-era Accept. Sovereign's testosterone-fueled presentation is the brainchild of Rudolph the Proud, who is proudly prolific having released five full-length albums and four EPs to date. But none feature artwork as... seductive... as Disgrace Command. Sure, the bare-chested Rudolph is holding a three-pronged fire poker but the vibe for Disgrace Command still feels more eurodisco than metal.

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  • Photo: Blackheart

    Metal Church's 1993 album Hanging In The Balance is solid release from a great band that a lot of metal fans never heard it because of the horrible cover. A mohawked chicken lady wearing a huge silver, nipple-revealing breastplate, a peace sign necklace, garish makeup, pink heels and fishnets is about to step onto a high wire, using only a small pink umbrella and an outstretched hand with black polished nails for balance. Sure, there is a thin connection to the title Hanging in the Balance but why Metal Church went with this art has left us hanging.

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  • Kansas City power metal five-piece Vanlade showed how metal they wae on their 2012 debut album Iron Age with this image of the ultimate metal warrior. The buff romance novel model steps out of the ocean and hoists a Flying V guitar in the air with a muscular bicep while roaring like a powerful lion. Only the soldier's torn grey jeans are wet, which maybe explains why he’s clutching himsself with his other hand. But metal warriors can’t fight with guitars alone, and since this metal Aquaman seems to have forgotten his sword, a sexy bare-breasted mermaid hands it to him. Too bad he's far too consumed with looking totally metal to notice.

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  • Executing the concept for Predator's Easy Prey should have been, well, easy. In keeping with their moniker, this Hermosa Beach, California, speed metal band wanted an album cover that depicted a stalker and victim. While they pulled off the bikini-clad blonde walking along the beach the predator is less menacing and more surf bro. Our surf bro stalker wears a white mask, a tattered white shirt, and torn blue jeans. He’s barefoot and there is no weapon in sight so maybe he hopes she’ll see him and die laughing.

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