Photos That Capture The Horrors Of Left-Handed Life

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If you are one of the few, the proud, the left-handed, then chances are you don't have to be told about the multiple lefty struggles that await you each day in the world. Perhaps you've even vowed to inflict bodily harm on the next person that asks if you're left-handed while you blatantly write with your left hand. You may find yourself hoping that the madness will soon end.

While there are no guarantees, perhaps spreading awareness to those blissful souls who abound in the world - completely ignorant of left-handed problems - will help end the insensitive questions. So the next time someone dares to stop and ask what you're doing when they find you casually erasing your hand after a writing session, simply direct them here to get a little lesson on how the other half lives.

Whether you are left-handed yourself or are simply tired of pissing off the lefties you love, this list will give you a crash course on all the struggles of living as a minority population.