18 Tumblr Posts That Are Just Fire Lord Izumi Things

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Some fans would argue ATLA creators made quite a few mistakes when creating The Legend of Korra. Other fans would argue they made only one: not giving Izumi enough screen time. As Zuko and Mai's daughter and the reigning Fire Lord during the four LOK seasons, Izumi brought a lot to the table as a character. Yet, to this day, fans are disappointed that she wasn't a more prominent part of the series' plot. Regardless, the love for Izumi remains alive and well thanks to Tumblr users and their passionate posts. 

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    This Adorable Scene

    From Tumblr user ussamphibia

    Fatherlord Zuko: *pinches the bridge of his nose and sighs deeply* please act like a human being...

    6yrold Princess Izumi: *crouched on all fours on the throne* but I'm a Dragon! *roars*

    Mai: *applauds* You Are! the Cutest Dragon!

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    Izumi Learned From The Best

    From Tumblr user cherryblossombay

    Izumi has known, like, everything there is to know about swords and knives since she was 7.

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    Izumi Wasn't Ready For The Talk

    From Tumblr user visit-ba-sing-se

    Zuko: Izumi, you are old enough now, I think it is time we have the talk 

    Izumi: Dad, no! I already know where kids come from we really do not have do this 


    Zuko: Oh, no I do not mean that kind of talk. I mean the “a lot people in your family are actually war criminals” talk. So, it all started with your great- great- grandfather Sozin who

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    Izumi Has Seen Enough

    From Tumblr user ohsalamanders

    izumi, taking off her glasses: i've seen enough

    #she saw bumi do smth stupid

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    Izumi Is An Excellent Character

    From Tumblr user beachytablecloth

    Fire Lord Izumi is on screen for probably 12 seconds total, but yes, yes I would die for her.

    From Tumblr user wildflowerriley

    I'm so glad we all agree that Firelord Izumi is pure excellence.

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    Izumi Will Never Be Able To Compete With Zuko

    From Tumblr user koizillaa

    it must have been so hard for izumi to shock her parents in her rebellious teen phase because they both committed treason and went to prison at 16

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