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15 Mindbending Fan Theories About 'Legend Of Korra' Villains

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The villains in The Legend of Korra were top-tier. Zaheer, Amon, even Unalaq had audiences admittedly trembling with fear, despite it being a show for kids. We've all come up with our own fan theories while watching The Legend of Korra, but most mysteries are never explicitly revealed. 

Between combustion bending and the ability to fly, the villains in The Legend of Korra put up more than a fight. Here are some of the best fan theories behind the interesting villains in The Legend of Korra. Vote up the best fan theories below!

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    Yakone Probably Interacted With A Young Avatar Aang

    Audiences get a glimpse of the bloodbending mobster that terrorized Republic City. This small flashback contained a lot of coveted information for Avatar fans. Adult versions of Sokka, Toph, and Aang are seen fighting this powerful man, but we really don't know who he is. This theory from Quora user Rishabh Anand provides some context:

    If you take a closer look at this photo, you will see an adult Aang in the background. You may notice that Yakone looks older than Aang. This means that during the events of Avatar the Last Airbender, Yakone was alive. Now, anyone who has seen the tv show knows that waterbenders can come from 3 possible places, the south pole, the north pole, and the swamp.

    Yakone is most likely from the Northern Water tribe. Seeing as he was from the North Pole, older than the members of Team Avatar, and a master waterbender, he must have been one of the waterbenders assisting in fending off Admiral Zhao’s invasion. This also means the Pakku was likely the one who taught Yakone waterbending and that team avatar likely interacted with him during Aang’s journey to learn the elements, long before Yakone became a mobster. Just a cool piece of trivia to think about.

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    Varrick Is Sokka's Son

    Some good old-fashioned speculation is both fun necessary, now and again. This somewhat well regarded theory about Varrick's true heritage comes from Redditor u/cHiPoTlEfOrLiFe979

    Am I the only one who thinks that Sokka might be the possible father of Varrick? They both are from the southern-water tribe, they both are funny and have that charm as well as being cunning. Is this possible? There is no solid evidence but I think this is a cool theory. He also is a non bender.

    One Redditor helen790 added:

    I’ve believed this for awhile, Sokka could’ve had a kid and not known it. Also, Zhu Li’s last name is Moon so he'd share his father’s taste in women.

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    Ming Hua Bends With Her Mind

    The physical act of bending in Ming Hua's case is super interesting. One theory argues that she uses her mind to bend, like phantom limb. From DrSoaryn:

    It's interesting to think about how armless bending would be different from the usual kind. Since so much of the bending is done by using arm and hand motions, it seems like it would be a lot more technically difficult. Maybe that's why Ming-Hua was so incredibly powerful. Because once she adapted to the change, she found that she could be a lot more precise, like phantom chi-paths. 

    Another Redditor shufflekoh added:

    Not to mention that she also uses momentum to bend her water arms. I find that so much more interesting because momentum shifting is kind of water's whole deal so she represents the epitome of what waterbending is meant to be. Awesome stuff.

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    Amon Used Bloodbending To Block Chi Paths

    Although there's little room to debate, this one is still up for interpretation because it was never explicity stated. How exactly did Amon use bloodbending to steal people's bending? A former Redditor broke down a probably process:

    The Avatar is able to learn a very ancient and specific form of bending that changes the energy within a person, thus giving them the extraordinary ability to remove someone's bending. I'd wager they would also be able to give back bending in the same manner if they felt so inclined as we saw the Dragon Turtles do to the ancient humans.

    Amon, being a waterbender, only had the ability to work with the water in another person's body. What he most likely did was cut off blood flow to whatever parts of the body enable someone to tap into their spiritual energy and thus bend. Since he touched his victim's heads, it's most likely in the brain somewhere. It's not clear why it seemed like he permanently cut off the bending without constantly being nearby and maintaining the control. Maybe he created a very specific but permanent hemorrhage that didn't kill the victim, but had other non-story-important side effects like minor headaches.

    As to where he learned it, we might never know. However, it's clear he was a waterbending prodigy on the same level that Azula was a firebending prodigy. He might have figured it out for himself after spending so many years hating his ability and those like him.

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