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15 Mindbending Fan Theories About 'Legend Of Korra' Villains

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The villains in The Legend of Korra were top-tier. Zaheer, Amon, even Unalaq had audiences admittedly trembling with fear, despite it being a show for kids. We've all come up with our own fan theories while watching The Legend of Korra, but most mysteries are never explicitly revealed. 

Between combustion bending and the ability to fly, the villains in The Legend of Korra put up more than a fight. Here are some of the best fan theories behind the interesting villains in The Legend of Korra. Vote up the best fan theories below!

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    Suyin Knew More About The Red Lotus Than She Led On

    Whether or not you were immediately trusting towards Suyin is besides the point. The mysterious Beifong must have known more than she led us to believe, as Redditor u/rawchess points out with her unexplained disappearances during the Zaheer incident:

    S3E8 provides good evidence that Su is indeed an ally of Korra's and not of the Red Lotus, but it also heavily hints that she had previously crossed paths with P'Li and possibly the entire group; shame and guilt may be her motivations for hiding it.

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    Vaatu Now Lives Inside Korra And Is Blocking The Avatar Connection

    The destruction of Vaatu was seen on-screen (in one of the best battles of the series), but there's still debate around this mysterious spirit. Since Vaatu is reborn to keep the balance of the world maintained between darkness and light, where did it go, exactly? Redditor u/jackspotatoes shared an interesting theory:

    Is it possible that the reason Korra can't contact Aang or her past lives anymore, even AFTER refusing Raava, is because Vaatu is now inside of Korra? 

    Remember, Vaatu and Raava revive within each other when one or the other is destroyed, since light and darkness can't exist without the other. That means Vaatu now currently exists within Raava, who is within Korra. We've already seen the impact that negative energy has on the Avatar spirit. Korra received amnesia when effected by a dark spirit, rendering her unable to remember who she was. It was only through meeting Wan and Raava that allowed her to remember. 

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    Ming Hua's Arms Were Taken Because Of Bloodbending

    For a side character with minimal screentime, Ming Hua is epic in a ton of ways. She's one of the most powerful waterbenders even while lacking both arms, which leaves fans speculating on her origins. Considering how dark Avatar and Korra have gotten in the past, it makes this theory from Redditor u/DaiLi all the more interesting:

    Most people are saying that her arms were cut off to stop her from bending, because she was a very savage bender. I'd like to add onto this theory by saying she might have been a bloodbender, since it's such a rare ability. It would make sense because she's introduced as part of a group of people who all possess extremely rare abilities. Let's say she was captured for using bloodbending. They couldn't take her life or her bending (without Aang). The guards would also be an issue, so it'd make sense they'd cut off her arms to disable her bloodbending. 

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    Origins Of The Red Lotus

    The origins of the Red Lotus are mysterious indeed, but readers are still uncovering clues from the show's in-depth lore. This fan theory is based on the spirit journeys of Xai Bau from Redditor  u/cutlass_supreme:

    I believe that Xai Bau was on one of his journeys in the spirit world when his body was taken over by an ambitious spirit while Zaheer was standing guard. This spirit broke off and formed the Red Lotus. What I do not know is whether this spirit corrupted or subsequently possessed Zaheer. Zaheer has exhibited the ability to communicate in his physical body while in the spirit world. This could be a clue to the current duality of his nature.

    I further suspect that what this unnamed spirit wants is to inhabit the body of the Avatar. This origin and this plan could be the meaning behind the title "venom of the red lotus" because "A rogue spirit moves through unwilling flesh like venom."

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