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The Legend Of The Kraken Vs. The Actual Giant Squid

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The legend of the giant kraken has made its way into books, movies, and countless tales of the sea. The beast was whispered to wait at the bottom of the ocean for victims to pass by. Then, it would burst to the surface, its terrible tentacles crushing both ships and men and dragging them to a watery grave. It's a thrilling story, but was the kraken real?

The kraken was likely based on numerous mythological sea monsters as well as sightings of giant squid, something that probably looked pretty freaky at the time. A closer examination of the kraken vs. the giant squid reveals the legend is a little exaggerated, just like any good myth. The fact and fiction of the kraken becomes even more interesting when you consider the actual marine creature.

Was the kraken just a giant squid? Here's a look at the legend compared to the real thing.