Graveyard Shift

The Haunted Hills On Seven Sisters Road Is Said To Be A Real Paranormal Hotspot

There are many legends from Nebraska involving supernatural entities, but one of the eerier accounts out there is the story of Nebraska's haunted Seven Sisters Road. According to legend, seven women were murdered on the road in the 1900s. Ever since, the road and surrounding hills have been a rumored hotbed of paranormal activity. It's labeled as "L Street" on the map, and, located just a few miles south of Nebraska City, it's easy to visit – if you dare.

There have been reports of mysterious screaming, the sound of bells ringing, and cars stalling without cause. Some visitors have even witnessed frightening sights, like red-eyed monsters staring at them from the hills. If you're ever in the area and looking for a good scare, consider driving through the haunted hills in Nebraska to see if you spot anything yourself.