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The Haunted Hills On Seven Sisters Road Is Said To Be A Real Paranormal Hotspot

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There are many legends from Nebraska involving supernatural entities, but one of the eerier accounts out there is the story of Nebraska's haunted Seven Sisters Road. According to legend, seven women were murdered on the road in the 1900s. Ever since, the road and surrounding hills have been a rumored hotbed of paranormal activity. It's labeled as "L Street" on the map, and, located just a few miles south of Nebraska City, it's easy to visit – if you dare.

There have been reports of mysterious screaming, the sound of bells ringing, and cars stalling without cause. Some visitors have even witnessed frightening sights, like red-eyed monsters staring at them from the hills. If you're ever in the area and looking for a good scare, consider driving through the haunted hills in Nebraska to see if you spot anything yourself.

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    According To Local Legend, Seven Women Were Murdered On The Hills

    The name "Seven Sisters" comes from a grisly urban legend. The story changes, depending on the source, but the chilling essentials are the same.

    The general consensus is that, in the 1900s, a young man lived up in the hills with his parents and seven sisters. He got into an argument with his family one day, and decided to take dreadful action. He waited in the woods until his parents left for the evening, then returned home and snatched up his sisters. The young man led them to separate trees in the surrounding hills and brutally murdered them by hanging. Ever since, the hills have been haunted by the women's restless spirits.

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    One Variation Of The Story Involves A Dead Baby

    One version of the story contains even darker details. This time, the man was angry because, after the Missouri River overflowed and flooded a good portion of his land, the government pressured him into allowing steamboats to pass through his property. His seven sisters, however, wanted to allow the boats to come through.

    Allegedly, the tensions between the man and his sisters became so high that he snapped and poisoned them all at dinner one night. He then dragged their bodies one by one to the seven hills and strung them up for the town to see. One sister was seven months pregnant when she was murdered, and the brother cut open her stomach so the fetus fell free of her body.

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    The Hanging Trees Were Supposedly Chopped Down

    Seven Sisters Road was built through the hills years after the rumored murders, and the trees that had displayed the sisters' bodies were supposedly chopped down. Perhaps because their places of death were disturbed, as soon as the road opened people began reporting supernatural occurrences.

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    Eerie Screams Echo Through The Area

    Many eerie stories and encounters have been reported around the Seven Sisters Hills over the years. Visitors frequently say they hear screaming coming from the hills. It sounds like the cries of terrified young women – perhaps the hanged sisters, crying out for help.