20 References To Real Batman Mythology In The Lego Batman Movie

The Lego Batman Movie is an explosion of pure love for the Caped Crusader and all his weirdo friends and villains. There isn’t a moment that goes by without at least a passing reference to the character’s almost 80-year-long history. If you noticed Lego Batman Movie in-jokes that didn’t make this list, keep in mind that these are the Lego Batman Movie easter eggs that were the most obvious to catch on a first viewing, but there are probably hundreds of references to Batman mythology hidden throughout the movie. Hey nerds, have fun going through the movie frame by frame to find the rest!

The depth of Dark Knight knowledge that went into making these Lego Batman Movie references must have required a key to DC’s Batman storage locker, because some of the references and in-jokes in this film are absolutely bonkers. At times in the film it feels like the Lego Batman Movie completely gives up on trying to carry a narrative and simply decides to see how many jokes about the Caped Crusader’s ridiculous history they can make – and that’s fine! It’s a movie about Lego Minifigures fighting each other while they build things. It’s not supposed to be high art. If you watched The Lego Batman Movie and want to make sure that they actually referenced that esoteric thing that you thought you were the only one to catch, then keep reading to see the Batman easter eggs in The Lego Batman Movie