20 References To Real Batman Mythology In The Lego Batman Movie

The Lego Batman Movie is an explosion of pure love for the Caped Crusader and all his weirdo friends and villains. There isn’t a moment that goes by without at least a passing reference to the character’s almost 80-year-long history. If you noticed Lego Batman Movie in-jokes that didn’t make this list, keep in mind that these are the Lego Batman Movie easter eggs that were the most obvious to catch on a first viewing, but there are probably hundreds of references to Batman mythology hidden throughout the movie. Hey nerds, have fun going through the movie frame by frame to find the rest!

The depth of Dark Knight knowledge that went into making these Lego Batman Movie references must have required a key to DC’s Batman storage locker, because some of the references and in-jokes in this film are absolutely bonkers. At times in the film it feels like the Lego Batman Movie completely gives up on trying to carry a narrative and simply decides to see how many jokes about the Caped Crusader’s ridiculous history they can make – and that’s fine! It’s a movie about Lego Minifigures fighting each other while they build things. It’s not supposed to be high art. If you watched The Lego Batman Movie and want to make sure that they actually referenced that esoteric thing that you thought you were the only one to catch, then keep reading to see the Batman easter eggs in The Lego Batman Movie

  • The Opening Score Is A Nod To The Joker's Theme From The Dark Knight

    The Opening Score Is A Nod To The Joker's Theme From The Dark Knight
    Video: YouTube

    If you paid attention to the music that was playing under Will Arnett's trenchant critique of the film's production company logos, then you may have noticed that it was from what many fans believe to be the greatest Batman film made thus far. The atonal brass and strings that give way to tribal drums that were laid under the moment belonged to none other than Joker's theme from The Dark Knight. It makes sense to use this track in the film because the Joker plays a big part in the narrative and it's just great music to jam to when you're planning some catastrophic evil. 

  • That Giant Rundown Of All The Batman Villains

    That Giant Rundown Of All The Batman Villains
    Photo: Warner Bros.

    Woof, you guys, where do you start with all of the A, B, and C-level Batman villains that are on display in this film? Obviously, there's the Joker, the Riddler, and at least a mention of the Penguin, but the audience also gets to see lesser-known villains like Clock King, Calendar Man, and Magpie. Their appearance in The Lego Batman Movie and mention on this list are probably the most anyone has thought of those characters in at least a decade. 

  • Batman's Family Photo Is A Quick Reference To His Backstory

    Batman's Family Photo Is A Quick Reference To His Backstory
    Photo: Warner Bros.

    It's hard to make a Batman movie without telling his origin story. As opposed to guys like Green Lantern or Iron Man, Batman's origin is sort of his whole thing. The Lego Batman Movie references the murder of Batman's parents - they are about to see a movie next to Crime Alley - with a single photo, which is very cool. Kudos, Lego! 

  • Want To See A Magic Trick?

    Want To See A Magic Trick?
    Photo: Warner Bros.

    One of the few references to the Nolan trilogy that exists in the film is Barbara Gordon using the Joker's classic catchphrase, "Want to see a magic trick?", during the final fight scene. Unfortunately, she didn't put a pencil through anyone's face. 

  • There's A Rundown Of All The Bat-Vehicles

    There's A Rundown Of All The Bat-Vehicles
    Photo: Warner Bros.

    In what will surely be known as the "vehicle rotisserie" scene, there's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it fly-by of literally ever Bat-car that Wayne ever used, from the super-cool '60s Batmobile to the less cool and more militaristic Tumbler from the Dark Knight trilogy. 

  • The Joker's Opening Caper Was From The Dark Knight Rises

    The Joker's Opening Caper Was From The Dark Knight Rises
    Photo: Warner Bros.

    What is it with Batman's bad guys stealing planes in mid-air? Not only does Bane pretty much enact the same plan in the The Dark Knight Rises (with the addition of some cool Point Break-y stuff and less intelligible dialogue), but the Joker hijacks a plane in Suicide Squad when he has to go shoot a machine gun at a bunch of people. So, is this a reference to Batman mythology or just classic bad guy stuff? You be the judge.