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16 'Star Wars' Fans Point Out Things About Leia Organa We Never Noticed Before

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Few characters are as universally revered as Princess (and later General) Leia Organa. First appearing in the small-and-totally-not-revolutionary 1977 space opera Star Wars, Leia broke the mold that every female character established before her and forged new roles for generations of women to follow. Nearly half a century later and Leia's impact across numerous films can still be seen today. Thanks to the internet, new and veteran Star Wars fans are noticing details about the Princess of Alderaan that might have gone unnoticed when first watching the Skywalker Saga.

This is a collection of things fans noticed about Leia Organa. Vote up the most interesting points below!

  • 1. The Empire Is Taking Over? Send In The Princess.

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  • 2. *Sad Boops*

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  • 3. A Full Circle Moment

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  • 4. Girls Get It Done

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