82 Leo Quotes That Showcase The Zodiac Lion's Fierce Nature



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Leos, who love to be the center of attention, are confident, ambitious, and loyal. The best Leo quotes highlight their readiness to take on the world, their optimism, and sometimes the side of them that can be hard-headed, vain, and domineering.

Leo quotes often highlight ambition, as this is the sign of the zodiac most likely to hold an executive position, run for local government, or become the star of the show. There are quotes on this list from leaders in their respective fields, like former President Obama, beloved actors like Sandra Bullock and Viola Davis, and musical artists like Kid Cudi.

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    Confidence is key, dear Leo. You take charge and others take notice. You’re dominant and never passive. You make the first move and are the ones to turn up the temperature. — Bob Alaburda

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    Leo doesn’t get along with the mundane reality of relationships and the inconsistency and limitations of human nature. — Liz Greene

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    Leos don’t give up, like a lion chasing its prey until he gets it. — A. P. Parashar

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    Bright, undaunted by failures, resilient, and exuding positivity, the Leo woman handles life with a true ‘bring it on’ attitude! — Chetan D. Narain

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    Leo is the fire sign ruled by the Sun. It represents individual self – expression. The symbol for Leo is the lion , the king of the jungle. — Joyce Levine

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    Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. — Barack Obama

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