unspeakable crimes This Superstitious Mother Murdered Women Then Turned Her Victims Into Cake And Soap  

Mick Jacobs

When her son headed off to war during the 1940s, this Italian mother worried her son needed some good luck charms in order to come home safe. Unfortunately, her charms proved fatal for the women involved.

In order to "save her son" from perceived supernatural danger, Leonarda Cianciulli murdered three different women. Apparently, she believed her terrible actions would result in some positive reactions, but sadly for her, karma does not work on an "opposites attract" work ethic.

And Cianciulli never simply killed her victims. Oh no, she operated on a "waste not, want not" mentality, and ensured the bodies got usage even after their original hosts no longer had need of them.

And so, Cianciulli, entrepreneur that she was, set about creating products out of the dead women's corpses. Even during wartime rationing, most would consider this to be taking things a bit too far.