Which Leonardo DiCaprio Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Leonardo DiCaprio has racked up an imposing arsenal of characters, ranging from his early days as a '90s teen heartthrob to his slew of critically acclaimed team-ups with the best directors. In the dazzling universe of Hollywood stars, there are few who shine quite as brightly as DiCaprio, and the same goes with pop culture zodiac pairings.

Yes, you can find out which fictional mean girl you are or which Parks & Rec character lines up with your sign, but discovering Leonardo Dicaprio characters by zodiac sign might be the most dynamic reading of your chart. 

Which Leo DiCaprio character are you? A status-hungry Capricorn who can throw one mean party à la Jay Gatsby? A passionate and impulsive Aries who would do anything for their Juliet? Or a justice-seeking Libra who can easily relate to Hugh Glass’s quest for vengeance?  

  • Much like young lover Romeo, Aries are filled to the brim with passion, impulsiveness, and a flair for the dramatic. When something (or someone) catches their eye, they're immediately all in and throw caution through the window while taking in everything about their newest obsession.

    Just like when Romeo goes into full Kill Bill mode on Tybalt for accidentally killing Mercutio, an Aries's fiery spirit can get the best of them sometimes. But their passion for life and tendency to play the hero makes them a natural-born leader who will always rule with their heart in any given situation.

  • Tauruses, while very cunning and resourceful, are also prone to seeking the easy way to achieve what they want. Their ruling planet, Venus, leads them to feel most at home when surrounded by the finer things in life, like exceptional dining, exotic travel, and the best jewelry.

    Like a Taurus, Frank Abagnale Jr. has a deep passion for the people in his life and wants nothing more than to shower his loved ones with all the pleasures life has to offer. He also knows how to cut society’s corners in order to get said pleasures, and  he doesn't care how many government agencies are after him in the process due to his classic Taurus stubbornness.

  • Gemini (May 21 - June 20): King Louis And Phillippe From 'The Man In The Iron Mask’

    Blessed is the movie that gives not just one, but two Leos in one sitting. While this pair might not be the best example of the powerful bond twins are known to share, they do represent the dueling personalities that live within a Gemini.

    Geminis are quick-witted and natural communicators like Louis, yet they can have the nervousness and child-like curiosity of Phillipe. Their fascination with the world makes Geminis good artists, but they often find it hard to focus on one hobby since they are constantly on a mission to experience everything the world has to offer. 

  • Cancers are notorious for their sensitivity and intense emotional swings, especially when it comes to family matters. In Revolutionary Road, Frank Wheeler is a conflicted patriarch who, like a Cancer, is naturally empathetic. He understands his wife’s dissatisfaction with their current way of life, yet he is hesitant to leave the security life in suburbia has to offer.

    For Cancers, the key to finding happiness is to recognize when their decisions might be taking their relationships in the wrong direction and do what they can to find the happy ending for which they long.

  • Someone’s got to be the boss and it might as well be a Leo, right? After all, it’s not their fault their celestial overlord, the Sun, happens to be the center of the universe. Because of their natural confidence, generosity, and constant desire to have a good time, it’s not hard for them to pick up friends and cohorts.

    The same can be said of Jordan Belfort, who uses his drive and sparkling personality to transform from a lowly penny stockbroker into a finance legend. Just like most Leos, Jordan knew how to motivate people to do anything he needs to achieve success, regardless of whether it was technically allowed by the law. Be careful with that killer charm, Leos.

  • Virgos are hardwired for solving the many mysteries of the world because they see everything as a puzzle just waiting to be solved. Their reserved nature can be often misconstrued as coldness, but in reality it’s just their analytical mind taking stock of its surroundings to make sure thier conclusions are in fact reality and not just their own interpretation of it.

    While most people left the 2010 thriller Inception scratching their heads, a Virgo probably found the plot to make perfect sense; DiCaprio’s turn as Cobb is likely the closest a character has ever gotten to representing them in the movies.