Leslie Knope Comebacks Even Stronger Than Her Love Of Waffles

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Parks and Recreation would be nothing without Leslie Knope. The lovable public servant is never short on energy, or a witty remark. These are the best Leslie Knope comebacks in the entire series. 

Photo: courtny sauer / Pinterest

  • 1. Show 'Em No Mercy

    Show 'Em No Mercy
    Photo: Em / Pinterest
  • 2. Called Out

    Called Out
    Photo: beta wooper / Pinterest
  • 3. Epic Burn

    Epic Burn
    Photo: Carly Reisner / Pinterest
  • 4. What's The Recipe?

    What's The Recipe?
    Photo: Hillary McCormick / Pinterest
  • 5. I Mean, Possibly?

    I Mean, Possibly?
    Photo: Leslie Rabi / Pinterest
  • 6. It Can Happen

    It Can Happen
    Photo: kaylayandoli / Buzzfeed