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15 Lesser Known Shinigami From The Death Note Universe

Updated October 25, 2017 34.7k views15 items

While the everyday anime viewer is aware of the big Shinigami players in the Death Note story – such as the frightening Ryuk or the skeleton-like Rem – they only scratch the surface of what the property has to offer. The Death Note Shinigami on this list might not be household names, but they are still fascinating Death Gods that deserve recognition in the fandom.

Bellow are 15 lesser known Shinigami from the Death Note universe. This list isn't limited to the anime. It also includes the original manga series and the Japanese live-action movies (not the Netflix movie). If you enjoyed this article, make sure to check out these amazing Death Note tattoos and the best Death Note quotes.

  • Nu

    Never having to worry about losing her sight, Nu is a Shinigami with eyes all over her rock-like body. Nu is considered to be the second-most powerful Shinigami in the Shinigami Realm – an incredible feat for a creature so obscure.

  • Armonia Justin Beyondormason

    Photo: Madhouse

    Everybody needs a right-hand man. For the King of Death, Armonia Justin Beyondormason serves that function well. Described as "conceited" by Death Note artist Takeshi Obata, Armonia is a highly intelligent Shinigami who informs Sidoh of his stolen Death Note and provides him with rules on how to interact with humans. 

  • Calikarcha

    Photo: Madhouse

    Among those writing in their Death Note in episode one of the anime was Calikarcha, a Shinigami whose appearance is considered strange even by Shinigami standards. What makes Calikarcha strange? The two rows of eyes (four eyes each) placed on the side of the creature's head, along with the small beak and mammoth-like tusks. Similar to other Shinigami, Calikarcha has its guilty food pleasure: blueberries. 

  • Daril Ghiroza

    Photo: Viz Media

    Daril Ghiroza, a female Shinigami with an Asian-influenced design, was originally conceived as a character that would lose their Death Note and be bossed around by a human. While the role ultimately went to Sidoh, Daril still played a role in the story, albeit a minor one.

    She enjoys gambling, metal accessories, and stacking human skeletons like Jenga pieces.