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15 Lesser Known Shinigami From The Death Note Universe

While the everyday anime viewer is aware of the big Shinigami players in the Death Note story – such as the frightening Ryuk or the skeleton-like Rem – they only scratch the surface of what the property has to offer. The Death Note Shinigami on this list might not be household names, but they are still fascinating Death Gods that deserve recognition in the fandom.

Bellow are 15 lesser known Shinigami from the Death Note universe. This list isn't limited to the anime. It also includes the original manga series and the Japanese live-action movies (not the Netflix movie). If you enjoyed this article, make sure to check out these amazing Death Note tattoos and the best Death Note quotes.

  • King of Death

    Photo: Viz Media

    The King of Death is responsible for distributing the Death Note journals among the Shinigami in the realm. All the Shinigami refer to him as "Old Man" because of his age; prompting Ryuk to call him "that old fart." While the Shinigami are told to return any extra Death Note journals to the King of Death, he was easily bribed into giving away a second copy for 13 apples.

  • Sidoh

    Photo: Madhouse

    Harboring a sweet tooth for chocolates, the cowardly Sidoh went searching for his Death Note after Ryuk stole it. His Death Note was later seized by Mello's gang, forcing him to collaborate with them in the hopes of getting it back. Sidoh has a mummified appearance and his mouth resembles a canary's beak.

  • Photo: Madhouse

    There aren't many rules in the Shinigami Realm, but one act that's frowned upon is using the Death Note to extend a human's life. Gelus, a surprisingly caring Shinigami with a sewn-up appearance, disobeys the natural order by saving a younger Misa Amane from her obsessive stalker. His reward for saving her life was death by disintegration.

  • Midora

    Photo: Viz Media

    Developing a taste for bananas, Midora is a Shinigami with a salamander-like body and a crooked smile. She bribed the King of Death for an extra copy of the Death Note, which she then gave to a human only referred to as "C-Kira" or "Cheap-Kira." Unlike the real Kira, "C-Kira" couldn't handle the pressure of the Death Note and wrote their own name in it once Near publicly called them out.