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Meet The Monkey With An Oddly Human-Looking Face And A Bright Blue Booty

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There's a new monkey in town - it's from the Congo and it's called the lesula. Known for its humanlike face and bright blue butt, the lesula monkey was found completely on accident by a research group led by John and Terese Hart in 2012. Upon seeing a captive monkey in a remote village, they realized that it was unlike any of the monkeys they'd seen before. 

Through extensive genetic testing and ground research, the Harts were able to prove that the lesula was a new, distinct species and had eluded humans until then - other than the locals, of course, who ate the lesula and knew it well. 

This human-faced monkey, along with many other primates, are all in danger as forest logging and the bushmeat industry continue to destroy their habitats. Researchers like the Harts have dedicated themselves to developing national forests and protecting these precious species, like the all-too-familiar lesula.

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