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What Happens to Your Body When You Die of Lethal Injection

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It looks like your day has finally come. You've spent years on death row. Eating the same gruel. Pacing your cell. Just waiting for today.

And now? Now, it's time to go. 

The rattle of your cell door echoes down the block. The other inmates remain silent, as they're waiting for their own days. For now, a guard snakes a chain around your hands and feet. Leads you down a long hallway which ends in a small room. There, three walls are cold gray concrete. The fourth? It's a one-way glass mirror. 

You know who's on the other side. And they've been waiting for this day, too. 

Soon, a doctor - a specialist - enters the room, followed by a priest, and they're here because today is your day to die. What's your crime? It doesn't matter, because your mind is far from it. All you can focus is on is the small cart of medical equipment - vials and needles - being wheeled in, along with a set of lethal injection serums that will steadily enter your bloodstream.

Within a few moments, you'll be dead.  Read on to find out exactly what happens during a lethal injection.