This Serial Killer Murdered At Least Three Women, But May Have Assaulted Dozens More

Of all the facts about serial killer Levi Bellfield, the most chilling detail may be that police still don't know the full scope of his crimes. Also known as the Bus Stop Killer and the Hammer Man, Bellfield murdered at least three women and almost killed a fourth in the outskirts of London following signature patterns. He would stalk his targets, then attack or run them over with his car when they rejected him. The misogynist would then rape and beat them to death.

Bellfield was found guilty in 2008 and is serving consecutive life sentences for his crimes, but as of 2016, police thought that the Bus Stop Killer could be linked to more than two dozens unsolved cases dating back to 1980. Bellfield has been content to let authorities wonder. Called "a psychology PhD waiting to happen," Bellfield has been both combative and manipulative with investigators, letting the true scope of his crimes remain a mystery.


  • He Stalked And Abducted Women At Bus Stops

    He Stalked And Abducted Women At Bus Stops
    Photo: tarotastic / flickr / CC-BY 2.0

    Levi Bellfield earned the title of Bus Stop Killer because he would often stalk his victims before the attacks, and he would single out the targets while they were at bus or train stops in western London. Although he did not always use a weapon in his attacks, Bellfield was known to carry a large hammer and beat several victims with it until they were unconscious, or more often, dead. While three murders and one assault have been pinned to Bellfield in court, there are numerous other crimes that police believe fit his patterns.

  • He Assaulted And Killed A 13-Year-Old Girl

    He Assaulted And Killed A 13-Year-Old Girl
    Photo: 5 News / YouTube

    Bellfield is known to have killed at least three young women, including Marsha McDonnell and Amelie Delagrange. He did this either by sneaking up behind them on the street with a hammer and beating them to death, or by kidnapping them, perhaps after running them down with his vehicle. The slight variations in his crimes are one of the reasons it took so long for police to track him down.

    One particular victim that got additional attention was Milly Dowler. The 13-year-old Dowler disappeared on her way home from school in March of 2002. Six months later, her body was found 25 miles away from where she was last seen. While Bellfield was convicted of killing McDonnell and Delagrange in 2008, it took another three years before he confessed to Dowler's murder. Bellfield told police that he abducted Dowler and raped her multiple times over a 14-hour stretch before strangling her and dumping her body in the woods. Dowler's family went public with the details of the child's death because they felt the full scope of Bellfield's crimes would not be accurately portrayed by the media.

  • There Are Likely More Victims

    There Are Likely More Victims
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    Although Bellfield has been convicted of three murders, it has come to light that there are likely many others. His ex-wife Jo Collings suggested that there are more murders that have not been uncovered yet, and there were at least 24 other assault and rape cases that may be tied to him

    Collings said that there is not a doubt in her mind that there are more victims to her ex husband's murderous ways. She recalls times he would leave town suddenly and behaved strangely, as if he had just done something wrong. As of 2016, police suspected he may have ties to more than 20 other attacks on women dating all the way back to the eighties. Bellfield has remained fairly quiet on the matter of additional victims. 

  • He Would Run Over Women With His Car If They Rejected Him

    In May of 2004, 18-year-old Kate Sheedy was crossing a road near an industrial estate in Isleworth when Bellfield attacked her. He had likely been stalking her for some time, since she noticed the car and felt uneasy. As she crossed the street to put some distance between her and the vehicle, Bellfield directed his car at her and accelerated. He ran her over, stopped, and backed the car over her a second time. She suffered a punctured lung, spine damage, and several ruptured organs, but she still managed to call emergency personnel. She testified at his trial to help send him to prison.

  • His Ex-Wife Claimed She Was Repeatedly Raped

    His Ex-Wife Claimed She Was Repeatedly Raped
    Photo: BBC News / YouTube

    In his life, Bellfield had several marriages and fathered 11 children from five different women. All of his partners speak of a similar pattern of escalating abuse. He would seem protective and kind at first, but over time he would become abusive. He would hit them if they ever upset him, and he would confine them in his home. 

    Ex-wife Jo Collings came forward to say that she believed her ex husband has been raping and killing for far longer than anyone expects. She confirmed that he raped her hundreds of times, beat her, and would sometimes lock her in a bedroom. She was afraid for her life on a daily basis. As she put it: 

    The rapes became quite a common thing, because we were his property, we belonged to him and whatever he wanted, he did. You didn't say no to him, you didn't argue.

  • He Is A Narcissistic Misogynist

    Ex-girlfriends and wives reported overlapping stories of abuse and manipulation from Bellfield. The women described how Bellfield would come on as charming and funny at the beginning of their relationship before his true personality came out. He would force them to hand over their cell phones, which he would replace with a new phone with only his number in it, then he would prevent them from seeing friends or family without his permission. If they upset him, he would beat and often rape them.

    This ego warped into a desire to harm and kill. According to former Chief Inspector Colin Sutton, Bellfield was so self-obsessed that he used any rejection as a justification for attacking women:

    He has a massive ego to feed, he thinks he's God's gift to everyone. He drives around in his car, feels a bit 'whatever' and sees some young blonde girl. Young blonde girl says "Go away" and he thinks "You dare to turn down Levi Bellfield, you're worth nothing" and then she gets a whack over the head.