Weird History All The Kings And Queens Who Were Allegedly LGBT  

Genevieve Carlton
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For much of history, LGBT royalty had to hide their identities. Even though some societies embraced homosexuality, most refused to accept a gay monarch. But before we talk about LGBT kings and queens, let's start with the history of sexual identity.

The terms heterosexual and homosexual didn't exist until the 1860s, and until the 1930s, heterosexual meant an abnormal attraction to the opposite sex. And for centuries, many societies didn't see sexuality in binary terms at all. Ancient Greeks and Renaissance Florentines saw no problem with taking both male and female lovers. King Edward II of England openly kissed his male lover on his wedding day. And the Roman emperor Hadrian named a city after his male lover. There were many kings and queens who had to keep their sexuality quiet, but some others defended their lifestyle openly.

Anne, Queen of Great Britain is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list All The Kings And Queens Who Were Allegedly LGBT
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The last of the Stuart monarchs, Queen Anne of Great Britain had a long-term relationship with Sarah Churchill in the early 1700s. Anne wrote to Sarah, "I hope I shall get a moment or two to be with my dear… that I may have one dear embrace, which I long for more than I can express."

Anne has been called England's lesbian queen because of her close relationship with Sarah Churchill, who served as "Lady of the Bedchamber." But when Queen Anne pulled back, Sarah publicly accused the monarch choosing another woman over her. Anne stayed above the fray and remained popular through her death in 1714.

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Pope Julius III ran the Catholic Church from 1550 to 1555. He also created a scandal because of his young male lover. Julius met Innocenzo, a 15-year-old beggar, in 1548, when Innocenzo was fighting with his pet monkey on the street. The future pope swept the boy away and named him a cathedral provost.

When Julius became pope two years later, he convinced his brother to adopt Innocenzo, and later named his alleged lover a cardinal. Julius's enemies called Innocenzo "Cardinal-Monkey" and complained that the boy shared the pope's bed. 

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Many stories about a royal's sexuality were mentioned in secret and whispers. That's not the case for King Edward II of England, who was openly affectionate with his male lover, Piers Gaveston. When Edward married Isabella of France, he showered kisses on Piers in front of the whole court. 

As chroniclers wrote at the time, Edward's affection for Gaveston was "beyond measure and reason," "excessive," and "immoderate." One writer even said, "I do not remember to have heard that one man so loved another." The relationship didn't end well: Gaveston was beheaded by Edward's barons.

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The younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Margaret was known for being a party girl. In addition to multiple affairs, she was married to a bisexual photographer, Antony Armstrong-Jones, who explained, “I didn’t fall in love with boys, but a few men have been in love with me."

Royal reporter Noel Botham claimed in his book Margaret, The Last Real Princess that Margaret had an affair with the American ambassador's daughter, Sharman Douglass, known as Sass. One of Douglass's close friends told Botham that Sass confessed she was the princess's lover in the 1950s. 

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