Country Singers Who Lean to the Left

While country is traditionally thought of as a conservative genre of music, there are a surprising amount of liberals in country music. Liberal country singers vary greatly on the political spectrum in terms of how far left they lean. Some famous country singers who are Democrats donate money to politicians. Other iconic country musicians go as far as to support liberal causes within their own lyrics. In fact, a few more democratic country singers have even alienated fans because of their political commentary.

So, who are these famous country stars who are Democrats? Faith Hill donated a sizable sum of money to Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign and her husband, Tim McGraw, also supported Obama. Willie Nelson is a longtime advocate for legalizing marijuana and the Dixie Chicks caused a mini-controversy when they spoke out against George W. Bush.


What liberal leaning country star's political position surprises you the most? Take a look at this list to learn about the surprising political views of your favorite country stars.