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14 Librarians Of The Internet Are Sharing Their Weirdest Stories From Inside Library Walls

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Have you ever wondered what it's like to work in a library? We often think of them as very quiet, zen spaces where you can zone out and concentrate on your reading. Well, think again! We gathered the best stories from librarians and their accounts about the complete characters that visit them. Check them out, and maybe head to your closest library for some entertainment of your own.

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    The Cat In A Box

    From Redditor /u/delettt

    I work at a public library in an urban area. One day a man brought in a tomato box that contained a dying cat. He put it on our circulation counter and asked us if we could watch his cat for a few minutes while he went outside.

    So that was a thing.

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    Tommy, The Regular

    From Redditor /u/sethra007

    In my library, I have Tommy. Who comes in every day with a stack of copies of a newspaper article about a boxer (supposedly him) who won a fight against Muhammad Ali, will corner anyone he can to tell them about it.

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    The Angry Guy

    From Redditor /u/raix-corvus

    I work the evening/night shifts at a university library and we have many regulars and two stick out in my mind at the moment. Firstly, Baking Tray Fort Man. When clearing the building one evening (at about 23:50 or so - we shut at midnight) I wandered up some steps to a mezzanine level to tell a chap I'd spotted that we were closing up. It was only halfway through my sentence that I noticed he'd built a little fort of baking trays around the study carrel he was in, then as he turned to acknowledge me I saw he was also hugging one across his midriff. My colleagues didn't quite believe me until someone else spotted him doing the exact same thing a week later.

    The second guy is much more irritating. He's obstreperous and combative all the time; started an argument with me because I refused to let him plug a two-pin international plug into our UK 3-pin sockets. Early in January, we were tasked with closing at 9 pm because of the "extreme weather" (some snow) and this was publicized all over the uni website, Twitter, Facebook as well as physical posters and announcement boards in the library lobby informing everyone of this. Simple, right? But, nay, an angry man came and tried to chew me out when the closing bell rang at 20:45. He wanted us to just lock him in and leave him until midnight as it was his "human right" to stay until midnight. Security had to remove him and he later threatened a manager that he'd call his embassy because we'd closed three hours early. Needless to say, he's not banned and still regularly skulks around as I secretly glare at him when he's not looking.

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    The Library Gang

    From Redditor /u/raix-corvus

    People are very interesting in libraries. Oh, these chaps...

    Bag Man - a guy with an external borrower membership who regularly turns up with his blazer pockets filled with plastic carrier bags leaving a trail of stink in his wake.

    The Alcoholic - the weekend team has to deal with this guy more often - he turns up stinking of vodka and just rumbles around talking/shouting at himself.

    "Vicky Pollard" - this young lady is a curious one; never wants to leave, gets argumentative, drags her heels, and has often been seen wearing very weird attire (pajamas, slippers, leggings/tights with holes in [in the butt area]) and generally has a pretty far-away look plastered across her face at all times.

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