Weird History

Myths People Believe About The Founding Of The United States

In the United States, American schoolchildren grow up learning all about their Founding Fathers, their Revolutionary ancestors, and some unfortunate realities of American history like slavery and indentured servitude. To a large extent, however, they learn myths about the founding of America, and those myths get recycled and amplified with each generation. Moreover, the recitation of those myths isn't just limited to the United States; lies about the founding of America have gone global.

One would think that this worldwide gaze on American history would mean that everyone has a solid grasp on it, but that’s not the case. For a variety of reasons, the general understanding of America’s past is rife with misconception, mystery, and outright myth. In some cases, this misapplication of facts is innocent and simply a result of the sands of time. In other, more troubling instances, however, American history has been purposely distorted in order to present a certain perspective or message that isn’t based in truth.