15 People Share The Worst Lies They've Been Caught In So You Don't Make The Same Mistakes

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We all know it's better to be honest, but sometimes you get caught up in a lie. Check out these stories of people who got caught lying so you can learn which lies you shouldn't tell and avoid making the same mistakes.

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    They Lied About Being In A Choir For Four Years

    From Redditor u/andersonenvy:

    My parents wanted me to be in "an activity" in high school.

    I pretended to be in choir from 9th grade - 12th grade. I even had a choir robe (given to me) that I would dress up in, and actually leave the house whenever there was a choir performance - just finding someplace to hide, usually in an alleyway near my school.

    One day, my mom came to see the choir perform. After the show, she said she didn't see me up there singing, but, I swore I was up there, she probably just didn't look hard enough. I also told her my name wasn't in the program because of a misprint. I still can't believe she bought that.

    I did end up getting busted though, just before I graduated during a parent-teacher conference. My parents were not happy. They were so angry, that they said they wouldn't even punish me - as this behavior went beyond punishment - and I'd just have to live my life knowing how much I'd let them down. It worked, because, obviously I've never forgotten it.

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    They Told A Coworker They Were Having A Baby

    From Redditor u/qwertysac:

    I got married 4 years ago. There's this guy at work who's one of THOSE people. The type that keep asking you when you are planning on having a baby once you're married.

    Since we didn't really have much in common and he heard i got married, that's the only thing he could come up with to start a conversation. It was just water cooler banter.

    I kept telling him "when the time is right"... but he still kept asking me every time i ran into him.

    "So, any kids on the way?"

    "Hey, expecting any time soon?"

    "Any plans on having a baby?"

    I got sick of it. One day i just told him "yes, she's pregnant, we're having a boy.".. I figured it would shut him up.

    I was so wrong. Jacob is 2 years old now, he started teething, he's said his first word, he keeps us up at night and... he doesn't f*cking exist.

    I've told my wife about this and she thinks i'm an idiot. At this point, there's no looking back.

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    They Pretended To Like Pickles For Two Years

    From Redditor u/Mr_Marriott:

    Back in college I and my buds decided to go and grab some McDonald's before we went out to the bar. I decided to go with the Angus burger but when we returned to my place I only ate half it and put the rest in the trash. My roommate, sick at the time and also trying to give up meat (he went 40 days for lent and wanted to see how long he could go), decided to pass on the bar and stay and get some rest. Yada yada yada the night goes on and we return from the bar and I am all of a sudden hungry now. I raise the question that since the burger is still in the box and still laying on top of the trash it should still be good to eat. After discussion, I determine f*ck it why not so I open the box and all I see is 2 pickles... So the investigation starts. WHO ATE THE BURGER FROM THE TRASH??? It was a big joke between about 6 of us and no one fessed up about it throughout the year. I couldn't exactly pin it on my roommate because I did throw it away and we hung around about a half-hour before the bar. My thing whenever I ate with these guys was to see who was the person who always took pickles off of their burgers. To my surprise, no one seemed to do it so it really confused me. Fast forward 2 years and it is just my roommate and myself still in school (the other graduated). I finally see him take the pickles off a burger. As soon as he has saw that I noticed he knew I somehow still remembered the night of the Angus burger. All I could say was "I knew it" and he knew what I was talking about and the laughter that took place after was unforgettable.

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    They Told Everyone They Were Dating A Girl Who Was Just A Friend

    From Redditor u/watrudininmyswamp:

    Not too long ago I was really into this girl who was the envy of all my friends. We were in the same class together and started spending time together but just as friends unfortunately. I thought it would be a good joke to tell my friends that i was dating her and we were in a relationship. Turned into a year and a half long lie and in the end i fell out with the girl when she found out and haven't spoken to her since and my friends became pretty pissed off. They forgave me luckily and now we joke about it from time to time but definitely a huge mistake.

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    They Said They Were Still Going To University (But They Flunked Out)

    From Redditor u/Iomena:

    I flunked out of university, and I was so ashamed that I told my friends I was a bit behind and catching up on some classes part-time for a year. I even told my boss that I would "give him my schedule" to sort out when I could and couldn't work.

    For an entire year, I lived this lie. People would ask me how it was going, and I'd say it was good. I told everybody what classes I was taking... etc etc etc.

    One day, I was talking to one of my best friends and school came up. As always I went thru the motions of pretending I was a part-time student, and then tried to change the subject. He suddenly interrupted me with "I know you're not actually a student right now".

    I told him the whole truth, and asked him not to make a big scene out of it because flunking out was killing me, and being caught in a huge lie made it 10x worse.

    The next semester I didn't claim to be taking more classes, and I have basically never heard anything about any of it again. I suspect a lot of my friends knew/suspected, and the guy who called me out told everybody to just forget about it.

    One year felt like I long time to live a lie.

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    They Said They Could Speak Polish When They Definitely Couldn't

    From a former Redditor:

    When I was in grade 2, I convinced everyone that I could speak polish. I even went as far as to say that during spring break we were going to Poland...

    But I didn't realize that there was a parent-teacher interview the Friday before the break.

    That gut feeling of my teacher learning I in fact couldn't speak polish makes my face melt now, 12 years later.

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