Behind The Scenes Facts (Most People Don't Know) About NatGeo's Life Below Zero

There's no doubt that living remotely in the Alaskan bush isn't a walk in the park. But is the National Geographic channel's Life Below Zero accurate? According to some native Alaskans, the show doesn't portray the reality of Alaska all that well. Criticisms of Life Below Zero mainly center around the fact that most of Alaska is connected to the outside world — it has wifi, roads, and even Amazon delivery (often by plane, but delivery nonetheless). 

One woman who starred on the show ended up suing the production company in 2017, saying that her life was purposefully put in danger; she's not the first reality show contestant to come clean with their less-than-stellar experience. Life Below Zero certainly isn't the first reality show that's suffered accusations that it was staged or otherwise "unreal." However, many are all too happy to sign away their rights for a chance at reality fame. That fame often means that Life Below Zero stars aren't living the tough, remote lives that they perhaps used to — after all, they are getting paid to be on the show. 

Regardless of reality, Sue, Chip, Agnes, and the rest of the gang certainly provide entertainment against the stunning backdrops of Alaska's wilderness: it just may not be as wild as you think.