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Life-Changing Documentaries You've Got to See

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Nothing can match the drama of real life. Must see documentary movies underscore that point by highlighting intriguing individuals and exposing truths. Along the way, they tackle topics as varied as political corruption, factory farming, and personal discovery. This is a list of popular documentaries including everything from Man on Wire to Capturing the Friedmans to Jesus Camp.

What films will you find on this list of must watch documentaries? The 2009 doc Food, Inc. shines a light on American dietary habits by examining usually unseen aspects of farming, supermarkets, and fast food production. Blackfish is another life-changing documentary that pulls back the curtain on captive creatures in Sea World. And if you're seeking a new perspective, look no further than Man on Wire, detailing the daring exploits of wire walker Philippe Petit. Other good films featured on this best documentaries list include Super Size Me, Sicko, and Gasland.

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