30 Realizations That Will Change Your Life in Some Small Way

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What if I told you a single sentence could completely change how you perceive something? Below are a handful of tiny revelations that will change your life - 30 of them, to be exact. Which ones are the most mind-blowing and paradigm-shifting? That's up to you to vote and decide. These facts will change how you view the world (for better or for worse), and at the very least, will force you to view something from a different angle. Ranging from anatomy, history, family, food, sports, school, money, pets, and procrastination, there's a little something for everyone. Looking for tiny, mind-expanding morsels of fascinating and interesting thoughts? Look no further than the life-changing revelations below!
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    There is a version of you re-created in the minds of everyone you've ever met.

    Via Chispy
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    If you can't afford a condom, then you really can't afford NOT to have a condom.

    Via hillsfar.
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    On a clear day you can see about 4 miles into the horizon, but on a clear night you can see light years away.

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    Nightmares are so weird. Your brain is the author, viewer and cinema of a horror movie whose script is being written as you are viewing it.

    Via  by instantpowdy
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    My dog keeps bringing me the same toy. I wonder if that is his favorite toy, or if he thinks it is my favorite toy.

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    My mom asked me how to screenshot on her iPhone. I laughed and then remembered she taught me how to use a spoon and a toilet.