Relationships 14 Awesome Life Hacks for the Single Man  

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Much like the A-Team, MacGyver, or Batman, a single guy must be ready for anything. Knowing all the tricks of the trade can be the difference between having epics nights or epic fails. As a single guy, it's important to be able to make the best out of every situation, and this list can help you.

This world has many hazards that a single guy must overcome. Some can be as simple as choosing the right party to go to on Friday night, while others can be as serious as trying to outrun that needy chick who has decided you are hers after chatting for five minutes. Whether you're out to have a legendary night or simply just trying to dodge the drunk girl at a house party who's missing a front tooth, these single men life hacks will get you through another awesome day.

Carrying and Concealing Protection

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When is the right time to break out a condom? Much like an assassin, you never want to break out your weapon until it's time to use it. Hiding your condoms in your sock or the lining of a hat makes it easy to bust that thing out without that clumsy pocket grab we so often struggle with.

Sneaking a Drink

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Tired of paying $11 for a beer at a ball game? Well, now you can enjoy the game, as well as your favorite drink, free of charge with this handy flask. Just pop the cap and enjoy the sweet taste of a well-planned scam.

Kicking the Hangovers

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Skip the morning-after hangover with a bottle of Pedialyte to replace all those lost electrolytes. Combine Pedialyte and a full glass of water right before you crash for the night to ensure you wake totally restored, like a boss.

Preparing for Parties

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Nothing sucks more than getting to the door of a party and not being able to get in because you don't have proper attire. Always bring an extra pair of shoes that are business casual, as well as a collared shirt. You may never need them, but in case you get that douchebag door-guy that says, "Sorry bro, can't let you in with those shoes," it's just a simple walk back to the car for you, and with a quick change, you're right back to the party.