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12 Life Hacks We Learned From Movies

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You know that saying that goes "don't believe everything you see in movies"? Well, as it turns out, sometimes movies actually can teach you a few nifty lessons that could help you in real life.

From The Godfather's spaghetti sauce recipe to George Clooney's travel tips in Up in the Air, these films are the sole exceptions in which you should actually pay attention and take note of the life hacks being offered by the filmmakers. 

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  • Up in the Air manages to make air travel look like a painless experience and not the stressful, chaotic ordeal it actually is - or can be, at least. Thanks to a montage sequence narrated by George Clooney's soothing voice, you can actually come out of the film with some proper travel tips (and some not so helpful ones).

    Not only does Ryan Bingham (Clooney) teach you how to cut your airport security time by 35 minutes by packing light and memorizing the procedure, but he also explains how to avoid things like getting stuck behind a family that takes 20 minutes just to collapse a stroller. 

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  • It turns out, Pretty Woman can teach you a lot more than how to swindle a wealthy playboy for loads of cash or how to get sweet revenge on snobbish salespeople who turn you away from expensive boutiques.

    Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts) may start off the film as an escort, but she ends up teaching Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) more about life than he could ever teach her. One of her best tips includes how to shop for shoes without trying them on. It turns out, the space between your wrist and elbow is the approximate size of your foot. You're welcome. 

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  • Who knew that a little 2000s road trip comedy starring Paul Giamatti would affect the way people drink wine for years to come? In the film, Miles (Giamatti) explains the best way to experience wine, which involves not just drinking it, but also appreciating it in other ways such as sniffing it and "oxygenating" the wine by swirling it around to unlock the aromas and flavors.

    So, if you ever see somebody swirling around their pinot noir before drinking, they likely got the idea from Sideways

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  • If you've been adding milk to your omelettes for density, you've apparently been making a very amateur mistake according to Sherman "Preacher" Dudley in Deep Blue Sea.

    In the film, Preacher makes a legacy video for his loved ones should he not make it, which happens to be mostly Preacher explaining how to make the perfect omelet, because that's obviously the most important information to leave your family with. Preacher advises to use two eggs instead of three and never to use milk for density, which apparently results in a pretty darn good omelet

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