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12 Life Hacks We Learned From Movies

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You know that saying that goes "don't believe everything you see in movies"? Well, as it turns out, sometimes movies actually can teach you a few nifty lessons that could help you in real life.

From The Godfather's spaghetti sauce recipe to George Clooney's travel tips in Up in the Air, these films are the sole exceptions in which you should actually pay attention and take note of the life hacks being offered by the filmmakers. 

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  • Admittedly, imprisoned mafia crime bosses aren't the best people to be taking advice from, but Paulie in Goodfellas actually has some sound advice when it comes to making pasta sauce.

    Since regular kitchen knives and other cooking utensils are considered contraband in prison, Pauli figures out a way to slice garlic as thinly as possible using a razor blade so it actually liquefies in the pan with a little bit of oil. Babish Culinary Universe on YouTube actually tried the recipe, and it looks ridiculously good. 

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  • When going on a dangerous hike, it's important to pack all the essentials, including water, a compass, tools, and of course, a tent/sleeping bag, but Reese Witherspoon's performance in Cheryl Strayed's adapted hiking memoir Wild will remind you not to skimp out on one of the most important things - your boots.

    In the film adaptation of Strayed's experience hiking through the mountains of the American West, Strayed meets a hiker who educates her on proper hiking boots, which need to include more than enough room to wiggle your toes. Undersized boots are a death sentence in the wild. 

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  • American Psycho taught us how to navigate the fast-paced, ever-changing world of a Wall Street investment banker - oh, and also how to secretly terminate a few people along the way.

    But aside from tips about business card fonts and storing decomposing cadavers, Patrick Bateman actually has a pretty impressive skin care routine, which he explains at the beginning of the film. Bateman keeps his face looking fresh by using alcohol-free aftershave, since alcohol dries out your face. 

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  • While mafia films are an obvious hyperbole of Italian crime syndicates or Italian people in general, one thing they often get right is the importance of food. It's no secret that Italians take cooking very seriously (and they just so happen to make some of the best dishes of all time), which is a nice little detail that was mixed into The Godfather.

    In one scene, Clemenza (Richard Castellano) teaches Michael Corleone how to make proper spaghetti sauce by adding in a dash of sugar. Many fans of The Godfather have tried the recipe and now swear by it. 

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