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A Day In The Life Of A Secret Service Agent

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The people who undertake Secret Service training keep presidents, vice presidents, first families, and even candidates safe. But their own lives can be incredibly dangerous.

The Secret Service agent job description includes both protection and investigation. Being an agent may seem glamorous, but it's often anything but. Agents spend long hours watching crowds for suspicious behavior, constantly functioning on high alert. They carry weapons, investigate crimes, secure locations, and keep some of the most powerful people in the world safe.

These dedicated agents occasionally struggle to find a good work/life balance, and maintaining relationships can get tricky. They take the good with the bad, though, serving tirelessly no matter which president holds office.

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    They Develop Close Relationships With Their Charges And Each Other

    Secret Service agents spend a lot of time together, so sometimes they feel like family members and close friends. In fact, agents may spend more time with colleagues than actual relatives. The men and women who serve occasionally form intimate bonds with the individuals they protect, too. 

    When former agent James Hardin died in 2016, Lyndon Johnson's daughter grieved with Hardin's family. Hardin befriended President Johnson on the job during the 1960s and spent the rest of his career with the Johnson family.