Weird History

She Was Only Queen For 3 Months, And Her Tragic Fall Plunged Europe Into War For 30 Straight Years

She was the goddaughter of Queen Elizabeth I and grandmother to King George I, and every British monarch since 1714 has been her direct descendent. Elizabeth Stuart, the Winter Queen, may have only held her royal title for a short time, but she was extremely powerful in European politics. 

In 1619, Elizabeth was crowned Queen of Bohemia (the modern-day Czech Republic), a throne she went on to lose in 1620. She devoted the rest of her life to regaining her lands, even throwing a basket of diamonds on the floor because she'd rather have soldiers. The Thirty Years' War consumed most of Elizabeth's adult life, and she fought as hard as the other famous warrior queens in history for her title.

Even though the Winter Queen only ruled for a short time, she rivals her descendant Queen Victoria as a powerful ruler. Both had a bevvy of children – nine for Victoria, 13 for Elizabeth – and both had extravagant weddings and spent decades in mourning after their husbands died. The Winter Queen also loved exotic animals – could that be why her direct descendent Queen Elizabeth II owns England's swans and dolphins?