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Meet The Woman Who Poisoned Makeup To Help Over 600 Women Murder Their Husbands

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She’s the most successful serial killer whose name you’ve never heard. Giulia Tofana killed hundreds of men in 17th-century Italy when she turned her makeup business into a poison factory, selling a deadly concoction called Aqua Tofana. Her crimes place her among the most deadly female serial killers in history, alongside the Russian noblewoman who killed over 100 people and the Hungarian Blood Countess who may have killed 650 people.

But Giulia Tofana, serial killer, didn’t need wealth and power to kill. Instead, she helped aspiring widows who wanted to use the poison to murder their husbands. During the Renaissance, in an era of arranged marriage without the possibility of divorce, the only way out of an unhappy union was death. And Aqua Tofana provided a quick solution for unhappy wives. 

Giulia Tofana, the woman who poisoned men with arsenic, believed she was helping women when she sold Aqua Tofana. And, as with other famous arsenic poisoning cases, she believed her actions were justified. She was able to murder hundreds of men for nearly 50 years without being caught – until, in a shocking twist, a bowl of soup caused her downfall.

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