Weird History

JFK's Father-In-Law Was A Hard-Drinking, Hard-Partying Gambler Nicknamed "Black Jack"

It's no secret that the Kennedy family has many skeletons in their collective closet, but not many realize Jackie Kennedy came from a not-so-stellar background herself. Jackie O's dad, John Vernou Bouvier III, was a hard drinking, gambling, and womanizing man notorious for his unstable behavior. Nicknamed "Black Jack" Bouvier due to his dark complexion, he became a notorious figure during the Kennedy's age of Camelot.

Despite initial disagreements, JFK and Black Jack Bouvier came to get along. In fact, the two were such great pals they ended up sharing women and drinking heavily together. Bouvier lived hard and ended up succumbing to liver cancer due to years of binge drinking. He left quite the legacy behind, remembered as a polarizing figure in the United States political scene.