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This Hard-Partying Rock N' Roll Goddess Was The Rolling Stones' Muse

Updated 21 Feb 2020 79.9k views14 items

There are few rock icons who have muses as complex and recognizable as Marianne Faithfull. Of all the Rolling Stones' groupies and girlfriends, Marianne stands out as the most influential. Her innocent yet haunting good looks and feathery-soft voice made her a star in her own right with a long-lasting musical career. But life was never easy for the British beauty.

She fought addiction for most of the first half of her life and struggled with the public's perception of her as Mick Jagger's hard-partying girlfriend. She escaped death multiple times and managed to turn her life around in the 1980s. 

So who is Marianne Faithfull? Though she may be clean and sober now, she has always been synonymous with the wild '60s and the Rolling Stones, and her exploits with Jagger and his bandmates are the stuff of legend.

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