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This Unknown Hero Saved A US President's Life And Was Rewarded By Having His Life Publicly Destroyed

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Everyone is familiar with the overarching details of the JFK and Lincoln assassinations, and those with an interest in history are likely familiar with the death of William McKinley and the attempted shooting of Ronald Reagan, but few remember the attempted Gerald Ford assassination. Even fewer remember the hero who saved him on September 22, 1975: Oliver Sipple. The story of Oliver Sipple and Gerald Ford is a happy one for Ford, who had his life saved, and a terrible one for Sipple, who had his life ruined.

Rather than being recognized as a former Marine who did his country proud on the homefront after serving overseas, most of the media coverage about Sipple focused on his sexuality, which he tried to keep under wraps until then. Instead of being hailed as an American hero who had selflessly protected the President of the United States, Sipple was outed as a homosexual by the media, which had the unfortunate side effect of destroying Sipple’s relationship with his family and ultimately his life.

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