Weird History

Louis XIV's Younger Brother Was Raised Feminine So He Wouldn't Compete For The Crown

Louis XIV is one of the best known French kings, famous for his battle-plan miniatures, his palace at Versailles, and his absolutist rule. Also known as the Sun King, Louis XIV had a penchant for excess and for getting his way, both on the battlefield and in daily life.

One of the best examples of the Sun King's selfishness was the treatment of his younger brother, Philippe I. Philippe I, the Duke of Orléans, was more or less raised as a girl to avoid any potential conflicts with or threats to his brother. The Sun King's brother dressed like a woman and demonstrated effeminate characteristics for his entire life. While he was married to women twice, it was also common for men to the serve as the Duke of Orléans's lovers.

Philippe I was more than just his sexuality though. He fought for Louis XIV at numerous battles and extending the financial and cultural strength of the House of Orléans. Despite the strange upbringing Philippe was forced into at the hands of his brother, he cemented his own place in military and nobility history.