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Sorry William Wallace, In Real Life, Robert The Bruce Was The True Violent Hero Called Braveheart

We all know that historical movies can be inaccurate. Sometimes, they get historical figures completely wrong – for example, Pocahontas was a child when she met John Smith, and so was Isabella of France when William Wallace was alive. Still, most historical movies don’t make executions less gory as was the case with William Wallace's execution in Braveheart, and they don’t make real historical figures less intense. But Braveheart is guilty of both. 

Just look at how Braveheart portrays Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland. In real life, Robert the Bruce and William Wallace were allies, openly fighting together – but in the movie, Robert the Bruce betrays Wallace. That couldn't be more wrong. Robert the Bruce was so committed to Scottish independence that he offed his rival in church to crown himself King. 

In fact, Robert the Bruce is the true Braveheart. He fought for Scottish independence even when it cost him his family and nearly his life. In order to win back his wife and daughter, King Robert chopped a man in half. And you’ll never believe how he got the nickname Braveheart. Needless to say, Braveheart 'sequels' about Robert the Bruce were long overdue