Captain Morgan Was Real – And Way Cooler Than The Generic Booze Named After Him

When you hear the name "Captain Morgan," images of bros posing with a handle of spiced rum with one foot danging precariously in the air probably come to mind. While there were plenty of pirates whose reputations were built on boozin' it up with bar wenches à la modern rum-guzzling frat bros, the real Captain Morgan is not one of them. 

Sir Henry Morgan doesn't sound like the name one of the most terrifying pirates in the Caribbean - but the ruthless Captain Henry Morgan propelled himself to fame and riches by terrorizing his enemies and seizing a fortune in gold from the Spanish. The history of piracy is full of surprises, and these Henry Morgan facts are no exception. 

Morgan was the son of a Welsh farmer, but he wasn't destined for a life on the farm. Instead, Captain Morgan crossed the Atlantic and became the most famous privateer of the 1600s. He became the leader of a powerful group of pirates called the Brethren of the Coast. He led an army of pirates against the Spanish, eventually capturing the second largest city in the Western Hemisphere. And Captain Morgan didn't waste (all) his gold on booze and wenches - he used his money to buy up huge amounts of land in Jamaica.

Once he became rich, Captain Morgan retired from piracy to become the Governor of Jamaica. After years of terrorizing the Spanish, Captain Morgan became a pirate hero and one of England's most famous men. And he did it all by looting and pillaging.

Was Captain Morgan real? Definitely. And his buccaneering earns him a spot on the list of history's greatest pirates and an unlicensed mascot deal for one of college freshmen's choice liquors.