Facts About Veronica Lake, The Ultimate Femme-Fatale Of The '40s

Veronica Lake was a film sensation in the 1940s, but today, she is hardly a household name. The so-called "Veronica Lake waves" spawned the birth of a popular hairstyle in the United States and she starred in some major films that were a hit at the box office. But just as Lake's star began to rise, it sank. What happened to Veronica Lake? Mental health and addiction issues led to the decline of her career. Once the latest Hollywood "It Girl," Lake died alone and broke at 50. 

Lake's life is a Hollywood tragedy. While beautiful and captivating on screen, Lake's personal life was filled with trouble. She was divorced four times, struggled with schizophrenia, and lost a child in a tragic accident. These and many other factors led her to fall out of favor in Hollywood. The story of this forgotten star is a fascinating reminder of the fleeting nature of fame.