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"Life Partners" movie quotes follow two best friends who cope as their relationship evolves when one meets a man and gets married. The comedy movie was directed by Susanna Fogel using a screenplay she co-wrote with Joni Lefkowitz. After a premiere at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival, "Life Partners" opened in theaters on December 5, 2014.

In "Life Partners," Sasha (Leighton Meester) and Paige (Gillian Jacobs) are the best of friends and pretty much life partners as the title suggests. They have the same level of quirk and share almost everything, aside from the fact that Paige is a straight lawyer and Sasha is a slacker lesbian. Despite their differences, they fit together perfectly.

This relationship, however, is challenged when Paige meets and starts to date Tim (Adam Brody). Paige grows apart from Sasha and begins to flock towards Tim, much to Sasha's sadness. This forces Paige, Sasha, and now Tim too, to reevaluate their friendship with one another and find a way to rebuild that once perfect relationship.

"Life Partners" opens alongside a slew of other great films including "Wild," "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1," "Horrible Bosses 2, "Penguins of Madagascar," "The Best of Me," "The Book of Life," "Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)," "The Judge," "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day," "St. Vincent," and "Gone Girl."

I Hate Everyone But You

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Paige: "I just want to meet a guy that I like as much as you. Is that too much to ask?"
Sasha: "I hate everyone but you."

Paige: "I've got a cake mix. I've got a bottle of scotch and a really weird jewelry making kit. So what are we doing first?"

Paige and Sasha are the perfect life partners. They get along well and both love nothing more than sitting home with cake, booze and childish crafts.
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She's Not My Girlfriend

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Jen: "Where's your girlfriend?"
Sasha: "She's not my girlfriend."
Jen: "Please, she will be. She's hot and she worships you."

As Jen points out, the relationship between Sasha and Paige could easily be mistaken for a romantic one. According to Jen, if they are not dating now, they are sure fooling everyone.
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Nothing Changed For You

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Sasha: "I guess I should have known that as soon as you found someone else to couple up with that you'd be done with me!"
Paige: "Yes, I'm less available to you now than I was when there was no one in my life."
Sasha: "You still talk to someone at two in the morning. Nothing changed for you. It just changed for me. Can you acknowledge that, please?"

Sasha confronts Paige about how their relationship has changed since Paige started spending so much time with Tim. For Paige, she still has that constant companion, except it's Tim now, while Sasha is left out alone.
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Double Date

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Paige: "That's a really interesting tattoo that you have. What does it mean?"
Vanessa: "I don't really like to talk about it."
Paige: "Oh, I just figured that since it was on your neck."
Tim: "Oh, so how long have Sasha and you been seeing each other?"
Vanessa: "Well, technically, three weeks but don't tell anyone that. We don't want anyone to know yet."
Tim: "Uh, why?"
Sasha: "Just dumb lesbian drama, Jenn 2 instated Vanessa."
Vanessa: "Yeah, but she would freak out anyone."
Vanessa: "But we have a plan. I just deleted Sasha on Facebook."
Sasha: "Yeah, we're going to pretend that we don't really know each other right now."
Vanessa: "And then right when we're ready to tell people, we're going to add each other back and comment on each other's pages like, 'oh, we just ran into each other.'"
Tim: "Ahh, I gotcha."

Paige: "There are some nice houses are here though."
Tim: "I don't know. Do you think the neighborhood's too sketchy?"
Sasha: "You think this neighborhood is sketchy?"
Tim: "Well, I mean, yeah. There's like three metal detectors in this bowling alley."
Vanessa: "That's just the future."
Tim: "Yeah, probably."
Paige: "Schools aren't very good around here either."
Sasha: "Oh, the schools"
Paige: "Just thinking ahead"
Vanessa: "Well, whatever you decide, don't send your kid to private school unless you want them to grow up with a silver spoon up their ass."
Paige: "Well, what if you live in a really dangerous neighborhood?"
Vanessa: "I don't care. I'd still rather send my kids to public school in the ghetto than private school. All kids that go to private school turn into conservative douchebags."
Sasha: "Tim went to private school."
Tim: "I did and I am a douchebag."

A double date between Tim, Paige, Sasha and Vanessa starts out a little awkward and ends a lot awkward. Between Vanessa's secret but highly visible tattoo to "dumb lesbian drama" to conservative douchebags from private schools, the two couples are not finding much in common.
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