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15 Stories of Ghosts That Have Followed People Their Entire Lives

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Have you gone your entire life without seeing a ghost, ghoul, or specter? Are you jealous of your friends who have woken up to something standing over them in bed? You might change your mind after you read about these real-life people who have suffered lifetime hauntings.

Ghosts that attach themselves to people always seem to have some kind of agenda. If you’re lucky, the ghost acts as a sort of protective invisible friend. But if your forever ghost is like most of the creepy crawlies on this list, then you’re in for a lifetime of chills every time you go to the bathroom, close the kitchen cabinet, or walk down to the basement to do laundry.

People who have their own ghosts can never lead a normal life. Not only do they spend every waking moment looking over their shoulders for the next scare, but they it must be impossible to let someone into their life, be it a friend or a lover. How do you casually explain the presence of the old man in your bathtub, or the shadow that lingers in the closet, every time you invite someone over to your house?

Read through this list of stories about people who grew up dealing with something spooky attached to them. Hopefully they will help you begin to understand the intense mental anguish that these individuals are under at all times. The next time you meet someone who has a house ghost, you’ll be able to be a little more sympathetic. 

  • The French Peeper

    A young woman from Florida feels certain that either a French ghost or possibly a demon has been following her since she was a baby. According to her parents, when she was an infant they would hear the sounds of people speaking in French over the baby monitor. Now that she's older she believes that something is waiting for her in the dark rooms of her house: "I'm uncomfortable being in any room by myself when the lights are off. It just feels like someone's watching me. When I sleep on the couch it feels like someone's standing about 10 feet away from me just watching me. It's very uncomfortable. And I could've sworn I saw someone standing literally right next to my shins when I looked down at my feet."

  • A Florida Freak-Out

    Angeli has been living in the same home in Florida since she was a child, and in her account of the ghostly happenings that occur around her (shadow men, giggling children, etc.) it seems like she and the ghosts had grown used to each other. But then her fiancé moved in. The moment he did, the haunting took on a malicious quality: things began to be thrown across rooms, something started banging on the walls, and one night Anton took the brunt of the ghostly force.

    As Angeli tells it, one night they were in bed when: "[the ghost] literally grabbed him and threw him! He flew out of the bed and hit the wall next to the bed, and whacked his head on my nightstand. I started screaming, and he was awake now and understandably pretty freaked out...He flew off that bed like someone had shoved him and he hit that wall with a lot of force. He actually chipped some of the plaster off the wall!"

  • The Big Dog

    Samantha's haunting began when she was still in the womb. Her mother was set up on by what she described as "a shadow of what, to her, looked like a big dog at the foot of the bed" that ended up sitting on her stomach until her mother was able to work up the courage to get out of her bed and run away. Years later Samantha would have to deal with a similar shadowy presence that would hold her down in the middle of the night in between her horrific nightmares. 

  • The Voice on the Tape

    An anonymous young woman claims that she's been followed by something malevolent since she was about five years old. Her first run in with the entity came when she recorded a "radio show" with her sister. "After I was done, I rewound the tape and began to listen to it before going to play it for my parents. Mid-session, however, I heard a sound. It was a long, drawn-out sigh in a deep register. It sounded as though a man were standing in the background and [was] very annoyed with the talking and...expressing his frustration with it."

    But then when she was in college she experimented with recording the entity again and things got creepy. On the tape, things are quiet until her mother leaves the room. "So, my mother gets up and walks down the hall and into the room where my nephew was hanging out in his crib – not trying as hard to nap as I would have liked. On the tape, you hear her leave and me say to one of the dogs, 'Lex, leave him [one of the other dogs] alone.' Then, you hear me sigh and immediately after, you hear this deep, raspy inhale – like something is sucking all the air out of the room. I make no comment on it, but you can hear me flipping through the magazine – I hadn't noticed anything. From down the hall, you hear my mother talking to my nephew, trying to get him to say 'I love you.' So, she's saying that very slowly: 'Iiiiii......looooove....youuuuu.' On the tape, you hear this very odd, hissing laugh and suddenly, you hear a very, very deep man's voice say, very loudly and clearly: 'I love you A[...] [my name].'"